I'd like the members of the NJAO to know that you have a powerhouse Board of Directors that is already working to make things better for you and better for our patients.
For you, these are some of the things we have planned for the 2016-18 term:
  1. We are piggybacking on the AAO's consumer awareness program by doing local promotion our our services (Your Life: Your Smile) and your offices via social media.  Also, log in to www.aaomembers.org and see how many times people have clicked on your name.
  2. New Young Member services like Networking events, Mentoring programs, "Visit Our Office" programs and online CE events to help new members get their careers off on a good foot.
  3. Relevant CE courses with an emphasis on expanding the scope of orthodontic services to include ways to improve health as well as to improve esthetics.
  4. Improved contact points with you via our new website NJBRACES.ORG, our new Facebook page, and a President's newsletter to keep you abreast of happenings.
  5. Rutgers Liason project so we can be there to support our local ortho program.
For our patients, I promised in the oath of office to "encourage the improvement of the health of the public and promote the art and science of Dental medicine."  To this end, the Board of Directors and I have been brainstorming ways in which we can discuss and promote this objective.  The American College of Prosthodontists just came out with a position paper on Sleep Disordered Breathing and it's time we did, too.  I'm always open to a discussion about the topic so contact me at drbarry@alignmine.com anytime, or post to our FB page.  So far, this is what we have:
  1. Local promotional events to highlight our involvement in the community, like charity fundraisers 
  2. Promoting the Donated Orthodontic Services program (now a national program).
  3. Getting involved with municipal and congressional stakeholders to promote our services to the public
  4. Taking a booth at the Garden State Dental Conference to promote our services to the dental community.
All in all, it should be a very exciting term.  We'd love your involvement in any way you can.
Barry Raphael
President NJAO
P.S. I tendered a Conflict of Interest Statement to the Board of Directors, and you should know, too, that I do profit from giving continuing education courses at the Raphael Center for Integrative Education and have an in depth interest in promoting orthodontics as a health service.