Welcome to the website of the New Jersey Association of Orthodontists, a component of the Middle Atlantic Society of Orthodontists - MASO, and part of the American Association of Orthodontists - AAO.


Thank you for your interest in the New Jersey Association of Orthodontists. Our organization boasts over 400 member orthodontic specialists that either practice in or have practiced in New Jersey.

Orthodontists are dentists who specialize specifically in straightening teeth and the correction of malocclusion (bite problems). Following dental school, orthodontists complete a 2 or 3 year accredited residency program, to become experts in treating patients who want improved function, and a beautiful, aesthetic smile. General dentists and pediatric dentists are not specialists in orthodontics.

Our member orthodontists are uniquely trained orthodontic specialists who share a vision. We are dedicated to the principles presented in our Mission Statement. As required by the State of New Jersey, we are also registered as specialists, must limit our practices to orthodontics, and we must take 40 hours of continuing education courses every 2 years.

If you or your child is seeking orthodontic care - please entrust that care to one of our member orthodontic specialists. You may find the location of an NJAO member orthodontist through this website.

Very Truly,

Dr. Russell Sandman
President, NJAO